About iarchitects

iarchitects srl is an architectural and design company founded in 2009 with three founders and partners: Davide Cumini, Francesco d’Asero and Pietro Perego.

We have two studios in Italy, in Milan and Udine, and in Paris we have a strategic studio for France market, held by one of the Company’s founders, Francesco Isabella.

Thanks to these three studios we can control directly the project on the territory.
We help and support the Client in a deep analysys of the task, focusing the design on the best technical and aestethic solutions.
The Studio is organized in three departments: Architecture, Design and Management. Iarchitects can work on BIM platforms to guarantee an optimization of the work since the first phases.


Davide Cumini
Architect and founder partner (CEO)

Pietro Perego
Architect and founder partner

Francesco D’Asero
Architect and partner (NE director)

Francesco Isabella
Architect and founder (France director)


Federica Sabbadini

Erik Mainardis

Chiara De Conto

Giulia Galimberti

Simona Cerasa

Stefano Malinverni